What’s in my Camera Bag

Hello friends,

I thought I will make this video for all of you to see what I have in my camera bag to make these youtube videos online. Whats in my Camera Bag

My primary camera is Canon EOS R Mirrorless with 35mm F1.8 RF lens. I love this set up because it is so versatile and captures good quality 1080p videos in all conditions including low light. Prior to EOS R I had a Canon 80D APSC camera so I already had the EF and EFS lenses with me. So the transition to EOSR from 80D was seamless and I was able to use all my existing lens with the EOS R RF adapter mount.

My secondary camera is Sony A6400 APSC mirrorless with 16-50 Power Zoom kit lens. I love using this as my everday carry around town camera due to its light weight as well as 1080 P 120 FPS capability to capture those super slow motion videos.


One thought on “What’s in my Camera Bag

  1. Hi Nik, bots gears are Nice combination , as far as i am concern Canon is the best Still camera, while Sony is the best Videography camera.
    mine now is using Canon EOS M50 II, planing to buy Sony A 6000 series or A 7 series

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