Master Project

All you need to know as a PM for your first Project! One of a kind online course from a professional experienced Project Manager to those who are stepping in to Project Management career. A course that will guide you as a mentor as you navigate through your first project.

We are pre-selling the course and want to collect early feedback from real world project managers who need help solve real world problems. To make the course curated to the novice Project Managers we want to limit the initial offering to just 20 students for a well discounted price. No payment required at this time, join the mailing list below so we can notify you about the launch date.

If you would like to be part of this initial offer, sign up below. No commitment, your fees will be fully refunded if you decided to not take the course later or if you wish to cancel or 30 day money back guarantee if you are not thrilled by the course offering after you take it.

I am excited to offer this course as it will provide a great value to manage your first project with confidence!

Course Curriculum: Master Project