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Managing your first Project

Did you get assigned a Project? Is this the first time you are going to execute the project as a Project Manager? Then I am sure you are excited, thrilled and nervous at the same time. Don’t worry you are not alone, most of us went through this phase before becoming a seasoned Project Manager. Whether this is your first project or first large project … Continue reading Managing your first Project

How to Write a Project Charter

Project Charter is one of the key deliverables as part of the Project Initiation phase. Project Charter is the initial document that formally authorize the project for execution and provide funding. Project charter should be kept summarized & concise. Here are the key 10 items that should be included in a well written Project Charter. Project Name / Project ID : This is the unique … Continue reading How to Write a Project Charter

How to set up Microsoft Project – 5 Best Practices

Microsoft Project is a powerful tool if we set up and utilize the tool correctly. Here are the 5 best practices or tips that I follow when creating new project plans. 1. Set up Project start date Every project has a definite start and end date. So before creating any tasks for the project, go ahead and update the project start date. In MS Project, … Continue reading How to set up Microsoft Project – 5 Best Practices