How to create Master and Sub Projects using Microsoft Project 2016

This video shows how to link 2 or more projects in to a master project using Microsoft Project 2016.

So I am going to quickly demonstrate how to create sub-project and then we will open a new project and try to link multiple sub-projects in to that one master project. By end of this video you should get an idea about sub-projects and master project. So I opened a blank new project and this is going to be our sub-project 01. I am going to name it as Sub Project 01. Let’s say there are 2 tasks, each with 5 days in duration. Let’s make this sub-project start on first monday of December, on December 3rd and we will assign the resource as Tom and that’s our sub project 01. So this is our first sub-project and we will save it on the desktop as Sub Project 01. Now we are going to create a new project with project start date as next year 2019, we are calling it as sub-project 02. Let’s say we have task 03 and 04. Let’s say for this we have resource as Harry and we are going to link it by going to Task and link. So now we have 2 projects, so I am going to save this as Sub-Project 02 on the desktop. Alright, now we have 2 sub-projects. If you look at the view section, you can click to on Sub-Project 01 which has 2 tasks starting on December with Tom as the resource. And then sub-project 2 starting in Jan as Harry as the resource. Ideally when we open the master project we should see both of this sub-projects with Tom and Harry as the resources. So I am going to create a new project call it as Master Project. Now in the Master Project there could be a task ‘Task 10’ with 5 days which Joe is working on.. And let’s say now we want to link the sub-projects under this master project. So what you have to do is to click on the Project tab, place the cursor on the row and click on Sub Project. Now we can click sub-project01 and insert then sub-project02 and insert or you can select both at the same time and insert. You can see that whatever we created under sub-project 01 and 02 got migrated under the main project. let’s say in the sub-project 01 I added a new task, SP01 Task 03 which is new and let’s say this takes 10 days. Alright, now I created the new task 3, I’m going to highlight it so you can see that in the sub-project itself, and when I try to save it, the project is going to ask you if you want to make the changes in Sub-Project 01. You say yes or you can select yes to all. So whatever sub-projects you have linked here, all will get saved. Alright now we made the changes to the sub-project 01and we did that in the master project, as you can see here. Now I am going to save everything and close all projects. If you open the sub-project 01, you will notice that whatever the new task that we created in the master has come to the sub-project. Now let’s do the other way round. We can create a new task again here in the sub-project and call it as task 100 new for master. Let’s say it takes 10 days and let’s assign it to new resource Jack. I am going to save the sub-project. Now let’s open the master project and you should see that the changes are reflected in the master project. Here you go..The last row got added from the sub-project for Jack. So that’s a quick demo on the sub-project and the master project, how to link and how to refer each of these tasks between the projects in the master project, so it’s a quick and easy simple demo. I hope that you got the concept, and now you can play with it. Let me know if you have any questions or comments and again don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this. See you in the next one.

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  1. I am linking sub project to master but after placing these on sharepoint, these link some how getting disconnected. Whar to do to avoid breaking links between sub project?

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