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MS Project Planned % vs Actual % completion- The MS Project file is inside the zip file, unzip the file and use the MS Project file that already has the custom fields built in which calculates the planned % completion.


Download the Microsoft Project File with the custom fields and formulas already updated for ready to use for your project plan. Why do we need Planned % completion in MS Project? Well, in MS Project we have a default column % completion which is manually updated by the PM. However if we want to know what should be the planned % complete for that task and how it track against the actual % complete then we need to calculate the Planned % complete value. 

Ex. If you have a task that starts on Monday and ends on Friday. So the total task duration is 5 days, that means ideally each day 20% of the work should be completed to reach 100% by end of Friday. So the custom field “Planned % Complete” will calculate that for each task with the formula I included in the file, so that when you receive the actual % completion value from your team you would be able to compare and it against the calculated planned % complete to identify whether the task is running late or ahead. For any assistance or questions regarding the MS Project downloadable template contact via the contact page or reach out via email: and I will be happy to assist.

Download MSP File

Updated formula to calculate Planned % complete for Summary tasks & Milestones.

13 thoughts on “MS Project Template

  1. From the template , can i calculate the % baseline work simce the project started..1 year ago

    1. The link to download should have been in the email that’s shows the purchase receipt. If you haven’t seen the link or haven’t received the payment receipt email let me know. Either way let me send it you manually right away, give me few minutes to send it to your email.

  2. Greetings Nik

    I have recently purchased the template for MS Project v Actual.

    It is working well how I have a question that I hope you can answer.

    I have the columns and formulas as described on a Master Schedule where the process will include attaching sub projects into the Master. My question is:
    How do I get the Planned % complete to work with the inserted sub project. Is it required to insert the columns and formulae into the sub project so that when I insert the sub project it will calculate the planned v actual ? How Does the formula manage the % Complete at Summary level
    Or can I just “fill down” in the column.

    I look forward to hearing from you

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